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Mario J. Zangari Esq.

Mario Zangari is generally involved in Business, Corporate, Estate and Probate Law, Taxation, and Civil and Tax Litigation. Mario represents primarily owners and senior professional managers of closely held and publicly owned businesses. His representation includes the various legal forms of business organization, of all sizes, that are United States based or intending to enter the United States market.

For more than 40 years Mario has continuously assisted and represented owners of businesses attempting to market and sell their businesses in all manners from the bankruptcy courts to bidding contests in horizontal or vertical integration of industries. There are few industries and types of businesses that Mario has not represented.

Over the years, Mario has acted as not only the corporate or individual lawyer to his clients, but also their business advisor and sounding board. In this role he has acted in the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors, Advisory Boards, and informal early morning coffee listener at the local diner.

Over the last 12 years, Mario has become increasingly involved in “fixing succession planning gone wrong” between spouses working together, parents and children, both in and out of the family business, unrelated shareholders and partners, siblings, cousins, or distant relatives in and out of the business; or business disputes between co-owners unable to enjoy the fruits of labor in good times or unable to co-exist when the stress of macro-economic factors pushes them to split apart rather than “pull together” to ride out the bad times.

Bar Admissions: Rhode Island 1969 and Connecticut

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Phone Number
(401) 680-9816

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11 South Angell Street - #319
Providence, Rhode Island 02906