Upcoming Event

The Value of Authentic Leadership:
The lessons of courage & compassion that inspire extraordinary organizational performance….

Bryant University – Thursday, May 30, 2019 – 7:30-9:30 AM

No organization can thrive, or build its value, without the right leadership. No strategies, amount of capital, or good people can compensate for an organization lacking in strong leaders.

Please join The Business Value Forum on May 30th to discuss first-hand what this battle tested, structured but flexible, extremely effective leadership approach can do for your company.

Retired General Donald Bolduc will join the forum to share the lessons he’s learned on the values of being an authentic leader, and why he feels that it is the only sustainable kind of leadership. He will also explain why leadership must be based on the search for truth and how that takes the hardest kind of courage, Moral Courage. As a student of leadership, his examples will include comparisons to contemporary leadership theory from several fields while offering specific guidance that will challenge you to think differently about your own personal leadership style. The desired impact of the General’s dialogue with the audience is to leave you with practical insights and ideas that can strengthen your organization and impact your bottom line by improving the level of employee engagement using the principles of authentic leadership.

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